HoCo-Photo Internship

Marketing/Social Networking Internship

HoCo Photo is looking for hard-working and outgoing Howard County High School students to help with the marketing functions of HoCo Photo's high school photography business.

HoCo Photo Internship Curriculum

  • Student will learn the basics of direct, social networking, and buzz marketing and how they are used in a photography company
  • Student will learn to analyze and interpret web traffic statistics to create meaningful action steps using services like Google Analytics
  • Student will become familar with sales promotion techniques such as sampling and couponing to understand their effectiveness in driving sales
  • Student will see, first-hand, how a sole proprietorship is run and will be included as an observer and a participator in any business operations.
  • Optional: Student can learn the full scope of a photography business, including specific photography techniques

1-3 hours/week until the school year ends, unpaid internship. Student can choose to work on the responsibilities of this internship at the time of his/her choosing. Student will receive a recommendation and excerpt for his/her resume, as well as $100 worth of photos/prints/merchandise from Hoco-photo.com


Email [email protected] with any questions and to learn more